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Bingo – A great way to make new friends

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Bingo has always been a popular activity amongst middle aged and old people. Although the game is quite simple, people never seem to get enough of it, and maybe it’s just the simplicity in the game that makes it so enjoyable. There are not that many rules to keep mind of, and people can just relax and have a good time when they play. Before online bingo came around, people would make their ways to the local bingo hall and play for hours, and after you’ve been to a certain place long enough you begin to get to know the people who regularly visit the place.

It’s this social bit that attracts many people to the world of bingo. If you are retired and don’t have many friends left, bingo is an excellent way of activating yourself and get in to a new social circle. However, when online bingo started to become popular a few years back the local bingo halls started getting more and more empty. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not in my opinion! People often tend to overlook that online bingo is still very much a social activity, but with the benefit of letting the players stay in the comfort of their own houses, saving both time and money not having to transport themselves to a bingo hall. The chat rooms are what really make online bingo great. Pretty much every bingos online have a chat room where people can socialize, such as Balloon Bingo for example. You can find other great social bingos at websites such as or

When you play online bingo, the most common way of playing it is to use the auto marker. This means that the cards you buy will mark themselves as the numbers are being called, which means that you don’t have to concentrate as much in finding them. Also, you don’t really have to worry about getting behind, which can easily happen from time to time. This enables you to purchase more cards for a better chance of winning, and as the automarker takes care of the dabbing business, there’s plenty of time for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the game.

Thanks to the automarker, we now have plenty of time to interact with the other players in the online bingo room. Often you can find up to a 100 people in the same bingoroom, all eager to chat and make new connections. Just like in a live bingo hall, you will notice that some people become regular players at certain sites, meaning that you will eventually get to know them via the chat room. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s often a big optimism going on in the chat rooms, with plenty of happy players. This is partially thanks to the chat moderators, whose job it is to make sure that everyone is having a good time when they play. Warnings might be given to players who are not keeping positive and spreading bad vibes, cause really, who wants to listen to people whining about their bad luck?

So why not try out bingo online? If you are new to the game you can find some great guides at websites such as as well as a Spanish website called juegos en linea. Online bingo is gbetting more and more popular every year so make sure to get in on it while it’s still hot!