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Archive for May, 2013

Spotting a rouge casino

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

One of the most crucial things to do before you sign up to any online casino is to do proper research on it. If you are new to casino gambling, it’s especially important to be cautious, because it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a legit casino and a rouge casino. One of the main characteristics of a scam casino, are the huge bonuses they pay out initially. The problems come when you try to cash out your winnings. Often times a scam casino will then claim you have betted in games that are not working properly or that you have done something that isn’t in line with the casinos rules. Even in cases where they can’t manage to decline you’re payout, they will often times delay you payments several month, which hardly makes the casino worth playing at.

Although they are quite rare these days, rouge casinos still exists online, and probably always will. Despite their rareness, it can sometimes be hard to identify them. Lucky for you, there are several websites online that are dedicated to listing some of the best casinos around the globe, based on a number of factors. Playing in these casinos is probably the safest way for you to start your online gambling career. One of the most famous casinos online review websites is Eurogambler and which has its main focus on the Spanish market, where gambling is skyrocketing in popularity. Ironically, there are also casino review websites that aren’t as serious at some others and may let a rouge casino slip into their listings, so in the end it will always be up to you to make the decision on whether the casino is safe or not.

Before doing anything else, you should always have a look at the casinos terms and conditions before you enter the website. This has to be read as you will be forced to accept them when you register with the website. The reason the T&C exists is both to give players an overview on how everything in the casino works, and to solve conflicts between the player and the operator. The T&C’s can often be quite long and heavy, but we assure you that it’s always worth the time it takes reading through. Otherwise, you might find yourself having your winnings voided, when doing something you thought would be completely acceptable, but wasn’t according to the terms that you didn’t read through. In general, good and honest casino websites make their rules as clear and easy as possibly in order to help you, whereas rouge casinos purposely complicate their terms and conditions in order to get an edge over the player. If you’re unsure about anything, you can always write to the customer support and ask about it, or check at casinos online hubs such as, and a spanish site called Juegos de Casino tragamonedas gratis.

When it comes to customer service, it’s probably one of the most important part of any online casino. The support staff is the face outwards, and they are the ones that operate the casino. Even some of the bigger casinos, unfortunately, seem to think that customer support isn’t that important. Considering the very many options you have when choosing an online casino, you should therefore have a good customer service as a main criteria. Rouge casinos will often state that their customer service is top of the line, just as a good casino would, so the only way you can test this is by taking contact with them and find out for yourself. Otherwise you might find yourself having to wait several days to get a reply when you have a problem at the website. Never underestimate the importance of a good customer support.

Although some rouge casinos actually do pay out eventually, it’s never worth putting in the time and money for. There are so many great casinos out there that are so much better, and bound to give you much more pleasant journey, so you might as well choose one of them, right? Keep in mind, though, that rouge casinos can look just as serious as a good casino on the outside, and that you actually have to dig underneath a little in order to find out what the casino is really about.I recommend using review websites like nexusgames casino online free in order to find casinos that are reliable and safe to play at.