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Spotting a rouge casino

May 1st, 2013 by admin

One of the most crucial things to do before you sign up to any online casino is to do proper research on it. If you are new to casino gambling, it’s especially important to be cautious, because it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a legit casino and a rouge casino. One of the main characteristics of a scam casino, are the huge bonuses they pay out initially. The problems come when you try to cash out your winnings. Often times a scam casino will then claim you have betted in games that are not working properly or that you have done something that isn’t in line with the casinos rules. Even in cases where they can’t manage to decline you’re payout, they will often times delay you payments several month, which hardly makes the casino worth playing at.

Although they are quite rare these days, rouge casinos still exists online, and probably always will. Despite their rareness, it can sometimes be hard to identify them. Lucky for you, there are several websites online that are dedicated to listing some of the best casinos around the globe, based on a number of factors. Playing in these casinos is probably the safest way for you to start your online gambling career. One of the most famous casinos online review websites is Eurogambler and which has its main focus on the Spanish market, where gambling is skyrocketing in popularity. Ironically, there are also casino review websites that aren’t as serious at some others and may let a rouge casino slip into their listings, so in the end it will always be up to you to make the decision on whether the casino is safe or not.

Before doing anything else, you should always have a look at the casinos terms and conditions before you enter the website. This has to be read as you will be forced to accept them when you register with the website. The reason the T&C exists is both to give players an overview on how everything in the casino works, and to solve conflicts between the player and the operator. The T&C’s can often be quite long and heavy, but we assure you that it’s always worth the time it takes reading through. Otherwise, you might find yourself having your winnings voided, when doing something you thought would be completely acceptable, but wasn’t according to the terms that you didn’t read through. In general, good and honest casino websites make their rules as clear and easy as possibly in order to help you, whereas rouge casinos purposely complicate their terms and conditions in order to get an edge over the player. If you’re unsure about anything, you can always write to the customer support and ask about it, or check at casinos online hubs such as, and a spanish site called Juegos de Casino tragamonedas gratis.

When it comes to customer service, it’s probably one of the most important part of any online casino. The support staff is the face outwards, and they are the ones that operate the casino. Even some of the bigger casinos, unfortunately, seem to think that customer support isn’t that important. Considering the very many options you have when choosing an online casino, you should therefore have a good customer service as a main criteria. Rouge casinos will often state that their customer service is top of the line, just as a good casino would, so the only way you can test this is by taking contact with them and find out for yourself. Otherwise you might find yourself having to wait several days to get a reply when you have a problem at the website. Never underestimate the importance of a good customer support.

Although some rouge casinos actually do pay out eventually, it’s never worth putting in the time and money for. There are so many great casinos out there that are so much better, and bound to give you much more pleasant journey, so you might as well choose one of them, right? Keep in mind, though, that rouge casinos can look just as serious as a good casino on the outside, and that you actually have to dig underneath a little in order to find out what the casino is really about.I recommend using review websites like nexusgames casino online free in order to find casinos that are reliable and safe to play at.

Bingo – A great way to make new friends

April 1st, 2013 by admin

Bingo has always been a popular activity amongst middle aged and old people. Although the game is quite simple, people never seem to get enough of it, and maybe it’s just the simplicity in the game that makes it so enjoyable. There are not that many rules to keep mind of, and people can just relax and have a good time when they play. Before online bingo came around, people would make their ways to the local bingo hall and play for hours, and after you’ve been to a certain place long enough you begin to get to know the people who regularly visit the place.

It’s this social bit that attracts many people to the world of bingo. If you are retired and don’t have many friends left, bingo is an excellent way of activating yourself and get in to a new social circle. However, when online bingo started to become popular a few years back the local bingo halls started getting more and more empty. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not in my opinion! People often tend to overlook that online bingo is still very much a social activity, but with the benefit of letting the players stay in the comfort of their own houses, saving both time and money not having to transport themselves to a bingo hall. The chat rooms are what really make online bingo great. Pretty much every bingos online have a chat room where people can socialize, such as Balloon Bingo for example. You can find other great social bingos at websites such as or

When you play online bingo, the most common way of playing it is to use the auto marker. This means that the cards you buy will mark themselves as the numbers are being called, which means that you don’t have to concentrate as much in finding them. Also, you don’t really have to worry about getting behind, which can easily happen from time to time. This enables you to purchase more cards for a better chance of winning, and as the automarker takes care of the dabbing business, there’s plenty of time for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the game.

Thanks to the automarker, we now have plenty of time to interact with the other players in the online bingo room. Often you can find up to a 100 people in the same bingoroom, all eager to chat and make new connections. Just like in a live bingo hall, you will notice that some people become regular players at certain sites, meaning that you will eventually get to know them via the chat room. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s often a big optimism going on in the chat rooms, with plenty of happy players. This is partially thanks to the chat moderators, whose job it is to make sure that everyone is having a good time when they play. Warnings might be given to players who are not keeping positive and spreading bad vibes, cause really, who wants to listen to people whining about their bad luck?

So why not try out bingo online? If you are new to the game you can find some great guides at websites such as as well as a Spanish website called juegos en linea. Online bingo is gbetting more and more popular every year so make sure to get in on it while it’s still hot!

Classic Slot Machines

December 17th, 2012 by admin

Slot machines are without a doubt one of the most popular forms of online gambling in the world today, and there are several thousands of them out on the market today. With so many different software developers, games and players it’s almost impossible for online casinos to survive without slot machines. Even though the selection of games seems to be endless there are a few that stands out from the crowd:

Mega Fortune

This slot machine from Net Entertainment is well known to have paid out the biggest ever jackpot in online gaming history. A Norwegian player won 11,7 million euro when he won the progressive jackpot which had been increasing more and more and not been paid out for quite some time.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has become known as “The Millionare Maker” for being one of the slots that has paid out most jackpots over the years, over a whopping $60.000.000, with the highest individual payout being just over €6.000.000. This has made the Mega Moolah in to one of the most popular slot machines in the world today! Mega Moolah can be found at several well known casinos, try visiting casino online portals such as to find out which they are.

Scar Face

One of the most technically and graphically advanced slot machines on the market today; Scar Face took the casino world by storm when it was released in the fall o 2012. It has tons of extra features, and being based on the classic movie that made Al Pacino, the player gets to follow a thrilling story line throughout the game.

The Marvel Series

Cryptologic has become one of the giants in software development for casino games ever since they started cooperating with Marvel giving them an opportunity of making slot machines based on the classic comics of Spiderman, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil and Ironman.

Visit casino and slot review websites such as to find out where to play these classic slot machines!

Good things to know about slot machines

December 17th, 2012 by admin

At first glance, slot machines may look very similar, and you might think that the only way that one video slot differs from the other is by the graphic design, which might be true for the simpler slots. But the fact is that slot machines can differ quite a lot, which is of course a good thing, cause we all like a bit of variety in our gaming. However, here are a few things you always want to look at when you play slots. Here are a few of them. If you want more information about slot games, visit which is one of the major casino portals on the internet.

  • Wild-Symbols. Wild symbols are great as they work as “jokers” in a card deck. Whenever you get a wild symbol on a payline, it will work as the highest paying symbol in the situation at hand, increasing your profits marginally.
  • Scatter Symbols. These symbols are good for two reasons. Usually they pay if you get two of them in the same spin, regardless if they are on the same payline or not, and secondly, when you hit three of them you trigger the free round feature, in which you have the chance to really win big.
  • Bonus Rounds. Every slot game gets much more exciting if there is a bonus round that can be won during the game play. Usually this feature is triggered by getting three or more Bonus Symbols on the same spin, and the player is then taken to a side game in which he or she can win a lot of extra money.

Are you thinking about starting to trade binary options?

December 16th, 2012 by admin

There has been a lot of talk about binary trading lately. It is a new financial instrument making trading with stock, commodities, indices and currencies easier than it has ever been before. Although in the past I have always been mostly interested in casino games and other forms of gambling, it’s hard not to get a bit interesting to see what all the talk is about. I decided to try out binary trading a while back, as I have always looked to develop new hobbies and ways to spend my free time. Having been in the trading world for a couple of months, I have to say I really understand why people are getting into it.

I started off not knowing much about the financial market at all, so you could easily say I was a straight out newbie when I began. In the beginning I didn’t really know what I was doing, and so came the first lesson I learned. If you are new to binary trading and don’t know anything about the market, spend some time learning it before you start spending your hard earned cash at a broker. There’s no point in starting to trade if you don’t have any idea of what you’re doing – you might as well flip a coin a bet on the outcome. Most brokers today offer their own educational systems in which new traders can get a flying start, which is what we all look for when trying out something new. Myself, I found a website,, which isn’t a binary broker, but a portal which is meant to give new traders information on how to get started. There I found several useful guides for beginners, and best of all; they had reviews over a lot of different brokers meaning I didn’t have to search to find the best ones myself. If you are a spanish speaker, I found a similar site at opciones binarias opiniones.

Having said this, I’d like to point out that in order to start trading with binary options, you by no means have to be a financial expert. It’s just really good to have some knowledge before you start, as this will greatly increase your chances of profiting from it. Think about it, you wouldn’t go and sit down at a poker table without knowing the rules first, would you? Once you have grasped the basics, you can start trading with small amounts of money, and you’ll soon learn what works and what don’t. The rest you will pick up along the way.

Forex trading: Know the signs of a scam

December 14th, 2012 by admin

The forex market is the largest and fastest growing market in the world today, and with a daily volume of over $1.5 000 000 000 not even the stock market can compete. One of the main reason as to why forex trading has become so popular is because it can be done with little hassle over the internet using forex broker. As we all know, anything involving a lot of money is inevitably going to attract attention from criminal organizations and , unfortunately, forex trading is no different.

Luckily, you won’t really have to worry about being scammed as long as you stay careful and employ a healthy bit of skepticism. Here are three common things in the forex trading world that should set the alarm bells ringing:

Guaranteed profit

Whether it is a broker that guarantees high profit or a trading system of robot that someone wants you to buy, you need to understand that there’s no way anyone could ever guarantee such a thing. In forex trading, and any form of trading for that matter, there is always a risk involved. If someone found a way to guarantee profit in forex trading, he would certainly waste time building a company that teached others the system, when he could quickly just become a billionaire from trading with guaranteed profits.

Unlicensed brokers

You should never trade with a Forex broker that isn’t licensed and regulated. This is a sure sign that something is not right, and besides, why would you ever take the risk of trading with an unlicensed broker when there are so many trusted brokers that are licensed and regulated.

One of the easiest ways of finding a trusted broker is to go through a forex portal like, which you cna find if you go here. They have reviews of many of todays top forex brokers. There also a spanish alternative which is called Cotización Divisas.

You can usually find out whether a broker is licensed or not in the “About us” section of their website. Should there be no information about their licensing there, make sure to send an email to customer support in order to receive information about it. When you have found the licensing info, don’t just accept it. Make sure to look it up with the concerned authority in order to make sure it’s valid, as some scammer might provide a fake licensing number in order to appear legitimate.

Customer support

It is pretty unlikely for a forex scammer to put a lot of effort into making their customer support good. Always send an email to the broker before signing up to see if you get a swift and useful reply. If you have to wait a long time, and the answer seem to be computer generated, this might indicate that the website is not legit, and you should be careful before proceeding.

How to understand Sports betting

January 1st, 2012 by admin

When taken to the edge, sportsbetting really comes down to two things, you either win or lose, and the difference is huge. Whereas the winner gets the payout, the right to brag and feel good about himself, the loser don’t get any money back and probably feels a bit low.

Although sports betting is a popular activity, there’s not really a lot of people who actually understands it. Depending on where in the world you are, people view it differently. In the United Kingdom, it has always been popular and people generally view it as harmless, where in other countries it’s illegal. There are several reasons as to why sports betting is illegal in some countries, the main one being that people risk to get hooked and end up in bankruptcy, although the vast majority of punters manages to keep their sports wagering to a reasonable amount. You can find out more of which countries allow sports betting and which don’t at sites like Apuestas Deportivas or, which both offer a wide selection of betting articles and some great bonos apuestas!

There are certainly punters out there who bet on sports not in order to entertain themselves for the sports themselves, but ends up doing it anyway as you add the money factor. Usually betting is made to a bookmaker, who’s responsibility it is to document the odds as the bet is placed, and later to make sure the right payments are being made after the game is done. All the bet really is, is your prediction of the outcome of the game.

All that sports betting is, when you define it, is putting money into the expected outcome of an event, the bookmaker then payout the winning bets according to the odds of the event. Apart from this basic form of gambling, there are more complicated bets to make, and these are to be made by more experienced players, commonly referred to as sports investors.

Keep in mind though that these bets involves higher risks and higher rewards than normal bets. Some of the popular bets include point spread bets, totals and moneyline bets. Parlays, over and under’s and lay bets are other forms of bet you will hear about. It’s a good idea to stay away from this until you get a bit more comfortable around the bookie!